Work While Study


All nationals from the European Economic Area (EEA) have been free to take up employment in Ireland while studying. But if not belonging to EEA, then the students attending a full time course of at least one year’s duration leading to a qualification recognised by the Minister for Education and Science are entitled to take up casual employment (defined as up to 20 hours part time work per week or full time work during normal college vacation periods). The course of study must be listed on the internationalisation register of recognised courses maintained on behalf of the Department of Education. Access to employment is denied to all other students.

If you are attending a foundation/preparatory course prior to enrolment on a full time course you are not entitled to work until you have commenced your full time course.

Everyone who has permission to work in Ireland has the same rights in the workplace, regardless of their nationality or immigration status. This means that you have a right to a legal contract, to lawful hours of work, to a salary at or above the minimum wage and other entitlements as set out in Irish law, including holiday leave, sick leave, parental leave and the right to join a union.