Work While Study



Entitled to be employed are third country national students who: 

  • have been accepted by recognized tertiary education institutions or institutions which had been registered by 31/12/2007
  • are full time students on a recognized course of study or a program which had been registered by 31/12/2007, and
  • have completed 6 months of full time study and residence in Cyprus.

Employment of students is allowed provided that: 

  • The student has secured an employment contract from a specific employer.(the typical employment contract is available at the District Labour Offices)
  • The student presents the employment contract together with the time-table of his/her studies validated by the Education Institution, to the Department of Labour (District Labour Offices) to be checked and stamped.
  • The employment takes place outside their study time.
  • The hours of employment do not exceed 20 per week, while during vacation periods the hours of employment can be increased to 38 per week.