Fast Facts


Location: Europe

Status: UN member country

Capital City: Nicosia (Levkòsia)

Main Cities: Limassol, Famagusta

Population: 729,000

Area: 9,250 square kilometres


  • The currency of the Republic used to be the Cyprus pound - CY£.
  • As from 1st January 2008 the Cyprus pound has been replaced by the Euro as the legal tender money of Cyprus at the irrevocable fixed exchange rate € 1 = CY£ 0,585274.
  • There are seven denominations in Euro banknotes: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euro.
  • They all have different colour and size, the higher the denomination, the bigger the size.
  • One euro is divided into 100 cent.
  • There are eight euro coins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent, €1 and €2.
  • The designs on one side of the coins are common to all the countries of the euro area, while the other side reflects national identities.
  • All euro coins can be used in all euro area countries, irrespective of their national side.


Cyprus Time is GMT +2.



There are four types of buses in Cyprus that can help you move around:

  • Transurban buses that link all towns on a daily basis and with frequent routes
  • Rural buses that link almost all villages with the nearest city but with limited frequency once or twice daily except Sundays.
  • Urban buses that link different areas within the cities and operate frequently during daytime. In certain tourist areas, during summer period, their routes are extended till late in the evening.
  • Buses for airport transfers.


There are three types of taxi services available, covering the entire island:

  • Trans-urban service which offers the opportunity to share a taxi with 4 - 7 other passengers. It provides connection between all major cities of Cyprus, every half an hour, from Monday to Friday starting at 06:00 in the morning until 18:00 in the evening. On Saturdays and Sundays the service finishes an hour earlier at 17:00. Seats can be booked by phone or online from the providing companies.
  • Rural service operates in village areas and can only be hired from and to their base station. These taxis are not equipped with taximeters and charging is based on kilometer/tariff rate.
  • Urban service is a 24 hours service provided in all cities. Taxis can be booked or hired on the street. Urban taxis are obligatory provided with taximeters and charging commences upon the entering of a passenger in the taxi.


A number of short cruises sail from Cyprus with trips lasting typically between two-to-five days on board large and comfortable ships. You can either book while on holiday in Cyprus or through tour operators abroad who feature the cruises in their holiday brochures. There are also many short boat trips from and to various destinations around the island sailing from almost all marinas and fishing shelters.


  • Larnaca International Airport
  • Paphos International Airport


  • Quality education
  • Safe, friendly environment at an affordable cost.
  • English mainly as the language of instruction
  • Pleasant Mediterranean climate
  • Location at the crossroad of Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Students can develop independence, maturity, an understanding of other cultures.
  • Preparation of students to work in today’s global marketplace.
  • Studying in Cyprus is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.