United Kingdom

The United Kingdom straddles the geographic mid-latitudes between 50-60 N from the equator. It is also positioned on the world’s largest land mass, the western seaboard of Eurasia. These boundary conditions allow convergence between moist maritime air and dry continental air. In this area, the large temperature variation creates instability and this is a major factor that influences the often unsettled weather the country experiences, where many types of weather can be experienced in a single day.

Spring: It is generally a calm, cool and dry season during the period from March to May.

Summer: Summer lasts from June to August and is the hottest season which can have cool evenings.

Autumn: Autumn in the UK lasts from September to November. The season is notorious for being unsettled. It can have warm days and equally there can be cool ones too.

Winter: Winter in the UK is defined as lasting from December to February. The season is generally cool, wet and windy. For a majority of the landmass snow is possible but not frequent, apart from the higher altitudes.