Company History

About Company History

Kangaroo Studies has completed its 17 extraordinary years of service in the field of Overseas Education focused on Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada Ireland, Dubai, Singapore, Switzerland, USA & Europe .

From a relatively small and humble beginning in 1995 with very limited resources and services, we have reached the status of being one of the most reputed, well known Educational Consultant for study opportunities in Australia, New-Zealand, UK, Canada, Ireland, Dubai & USA. Today we are equipped with a wide variety of services through 8 offices spread over North India, representing a large No. of Government funded Universities and Institutions in Australia, New-Zealand, UK, Ireland, Canada, Dubai & USA and Other Countries to choose your study destinations.

It has taken a considerable amount of hard work, commitment and dedicated to excellent customer services, which has now been recognized by the students, parents, partner Universities and other associates.

We take this occasion to thank all our students and parents who provided us the opportunity to serve them.

Also, Universities and Institutions for trusting us to represent them well in India, without whom we could not have been what we are today.

We look forward to serving all prospective students by guiding them to successful and rewarding career, and thus getting them and their parents the value for their money.

We wish all our past and present students success in their lives.