How long will it take Immigration New Zealand to process my visa or permit application?

The time it will take for us to process your application can vary depending on:

  • the requirements of the immigration policy you are applying under
  • the completeness of your application
  • how easily we can check the information you provide
  • how well and how quickly you respond to any concerns we raise with you.

Processing times can also vary between offices. When we accept your application, we will either give you a decision, or tell you within 14 days, how long the processing time is predicted to be. The amount of verification your application requires can affect the amount of time it takes to process your application. Applications that require the most verification; for example work permit or residence applications, typically take the longest to process. We may find that you need to provide us with further information before we can make a decision on your application, which will also add to the processing time.